Carla Pan


UI/UX Design
Case Study
Pice is an app used for preventing heart attacks. I designed this app because my grandpa died suddenly of a heart attack. I didn't even have the chance to have the last word with him. so I hope this design could help someone who has some heart problems.

Design Challenge

Maximize the efficiency and improve the accuracy when patients need emergency help while saving and looking for the data optimized and organized.

User Research


The overwhelming difficulty of navigating Apple’s Health app caused users to face a ‘cognitive overload."


To minimize the cognitive load on the app, I needed to redesign the screen so that important information was clear, categorized, and separated from other details. 

Ideation - Wireframe Design

I began sketching out the Low-Fid that I wanted this to look like, and I thought a boxed grid layout would help with information organization.

  “How can we reduce heart attack by giving notification.”

Mid-Fid Prototypes 

I collected all of the feedback, revised my design for the low-fid prototype, and started to create mid-fid prototypes.

Pain Point 
I'm focusing on the main scenario of the heart monitor journey, because this is where the most pain points were present. 

Interview Takeaways: 

  • Simplified pathwaysUsers don’t need to scroll through multiple screens to find the information they needed
  • Strong hierarchy of information  
  The tools users are most likely to need are the most prominent.
  • Easy understood calls-to-action Calls-to-action should be more highlighted and easy for the user to see.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface Users prefer a simple and intuitive interface, but also expect apps to provide enough information to meet their needs.

System Map

Next, since we have understood the expectations, concerns, problems, and the proposed solution of the target users, let’s have a look at the system map. These are the path our users will follow during the use of the app.

User journey map

Based on the collected data, I created a user journey map. It includes users' names, demographics, frustrations, user's emotions and also relevant future opportunities for this app based on the problem points of the scenario.

Visual Design -
Color Palette & Typography


On Boarding


Scenario 01

For users who don’t have serious heart problems, use it daily to prevent heart problems.

  • Users will be able to view their health status here.

  • Will be able to remind users to take the medicines and keep track of the number of vitamins they take to make sure they get enough nutrients.

Scenario 02

For the user who has a minor heart attack, it will give an alert when the app detects any abnormal heart rate and give suggestions.

  • report if the app detects irregular heart rates.

  • Different levels of red indicate the seriousness of the alert.

Scenario 03

For users who has serious heart problems, this app will send your location to the emergency center when it's an emergency.

  • Able to send SOS messages, including users' location, to a nearby emergency center if there is any medical emergency.

Medical ID

  • Under profile, users can choose if they want their medical ID shown on the screen during an emergency.

  • After a quick setting, doctors / Physicians will be able to view the user's medical ID by simply clicking the notification on the screen.


Delayed Messages

Users will be able to edit the delayed message on the setting; when the emergency, this delayed message will automatically send it out to the user's saved emergency contacts and I hope this design will be able to leave some message to their loved ones.