Carla Pan

YAO Original

Package Design
Yào is a beer company that aims to provide adult consumers with medicinal liquor. The products of Yào stand out from other brands because of the company’s use of healthy ingredients such as hops and wormwood, which functions as a treatment to reduce insomnia, depressive symptoms, nervous tension, and anxiety. 

About the Logo


The color of the Logo adopts red, green, and black.  A circle contains traditional Chinese characters, phonetic alphabets, and an illustrator of snakes. The classic Chinese nature in red with its phonetic alphabets around it means the meaning of medicine also is the name of the brand.

Desktop &
Mobile Product Page


I pick green as the primary color because green is the color of herb medicine, and it stands for health. It indicates that alcohol could be taken as an alcoholic drink, which will be beneficial for consumers’ health.

Package Design

In the middle of the circle is the illustrator of the snake, which represents the brand has a direct relationship with snakes. It is the snake gall medical wine with 67.5% of abv, 40% of all also it’s another why showing the alcohol concentration is relatively high.